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Types of Bikinis

types of bikinis
Zeynep Gul Alkan
Written by Zeynep Gul Alkan

While the summer and holiday season is on-going, I will make mention of the most preferred bikinis and swimsuits of the season for the people who did not buy one or want to buy one more. To choose best for your body and skin color is more important than to choose popular. The populars are the knit, stripe, spotty, bloomy, neon ones and the white bikinis and swimsuits with guipure lace.

Knit bikinis

knit bikinis

I would like to begin with my favourite one for this season, knit bikinis. The bikinis that you can also produce are the trens of this summer. The knit bikinis are really cool as a beachwear. If you know knitting, you would have them however you want.

High-Waisted bikinis

high waisted bikinis

The high waisted bikinis that I see as a flashback and I cheer up, are the ones of the most comfortables. If your upper body is long or your legs are short, you would prefer this type. If you want nostalgia more, you can buy stripe and spotty ones.

Push-up bikinis

push up bikinis

The push-up bikinis are the top one that hold their own every summer, especially for small breasts. You can see your body what you want to see, through baleen and filling inside.

Halter-neck bikinis

halter neck bikinis

This model is choosen by women who want small shoulders and upright breasts. Big-breasted women could prefer halter-neck bikinis to balance their proportion.

Bikinis with shorts

bikinis with shorts

If you have distinct body lines, I mean not have straight body, you can prefer these ones. This is a choice that especially women with big hips buy. But also can be a different alternative with a sexy top or swimwear swimsuit.

Fringe bikinis

fringe bikinis

Fringe bikinis are one of the trends of this summer that brings fresh and colorful look. The fringes on bikini tops, shoulders, breasts and briefs look like really pretty. This model is a saver as a bikini top for small-breasted women.



The monokinis that are essential model for several years, are the preference of women that want to cover cracks, spots, belly but also want to wear different model. Frilled tops for women with small breasts and corded briefs for women with big hips are ideal for this model that is a mixture of bikini and swimming suit.



Tankinis are designed for women who does not want to wear bikini but two pieces. The top is long like a blouse, the bottom is can be shorts and briefs. This one is also recommended for women who is bellied.

Swimmer swimsuits

swimmer swimsuits

The model that choosen by athletic women is smooth, undercoated, sweat-absorbing, basic and useful. It is classical, compatible with every trend and generally combined with solid color.

We, women are not like men. Of course, 1 or 2 swimwear is not enough for us. You can put one or a few of the trend bikinis and swimsuits at wonderful summer days and could also be a fashion icon at beach.

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