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Is Toner Necessary?

how to use a face tonic
Neslihan Hazerli
Written by Neslihan Hazerli

For a healthy and beautiful skin, we should clean our skin very well on a regular base. So, most wondered question: Is toner necessary for daily skin care? Although we clean our face with make-up removers, our skin is not purified completely from make-up marks. In order to cleanse our skin properly, we should keep toner in our skin care routine for good. What does toner do for your face? Today  it is still not known exactly what a face toner does. That’s why, it doesn’t take part in many people`s daily care. But it is a must-have step in our routine for a shining skin.

What is toner?

how to use a face tonic

Toner is a special lotion which contains cleansing agents. Generally, it consists of water and alcohol. Is toner good for oily skin? It is not recommended except the people with oily skin as it can cause irritation. If you don`t have acne problem, rose water will be a natural and affordable toner alternative for you.

What are the benefits of toner?

  • By means of its antiseptic specification, Toner cleans impureness of the skin and provides deep cleansing.
  • Toner absorbs skin oil.
  • When you use Toner on regular base, it regulates moisture balance of your skin and prevents acne problem.
  • Moisturizer and other cosmetics you will apply after Toner will be more beneficial for your skin.
  • Skin glows, looks more healthy and younger.
  • It tightens the pores.

How to use toner?

Is it good to use a toner every day? Toner is a product which has to be used on a regular base. After washing your face in the morning and removing your make-up in the evening, apply Toner on your face with a cotton pad through circular motions. Then apply your moisturizer. You need toner even if you don’t wear makeup. When you use Toner regularly, the benefits will be visible on your skin.

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Neslihan Hazerli

Neslihan Hazerli

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