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How to Spice Up Your Notebooks

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While the new semester starts, stationary supplies are as always colorful and vibrant, especially the notebook designs. For those who don’t want to buy standard notebooks from the stores, there are quite a few companies that sell designer notebooks, but still it’s better when you create something on your own. Would you want to decorate your, or your kids’ notebooks the way no one else has? Here are the most fun ways to decorate your notebooks.

1. Using Washi-Tapes

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These tapes are really easy and really practical to decorate your notebooks. Just buy 8-10 washi tapes that are different colored and shaped and tape them on the front of your notebook horizontal and on top of each other, vertical side by side or crisscross them however you like. They look really fun and it’s a new design each time you try it.

2. Using Hama Beads

If you want to decorate your notebooks using beads, the best way to do so is by using hama beads. These beads help you create designs that are both youthful and geometrical. You can tape your creation after making them. You can do a full designed notebook by covering the whole front of the notebook, or a simple but elegant one by putting just a single flower on the bottom.

3. Using Felt

Felt is a material that children can also use safely and easily. It will look really cool when you glue them on the front of your notebook cut out as strange triangles and squares, of course in parental supervision.

4. Using Jeans

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It is the perfect chance to make use out of your old jeans. We suggest you cut out your pants, shorts, skirts or dresses, to cover the front of the notebook with the side that has pockets. After you cover the front, these pockets will be yours to play. You can sew up beautiful flowers or simply put your pens in these pockets.

5. Using lace, canvas and knit

We put these in the same section because they are similar, but they all require special skills to make them. If you are able to do one of these, why not show off your skill, right? Use your handicrafts to decorate your notebooks. You may even start making them for sale, who knows?

6. Using Stickers

Who doesn’t love stickers? They are really fun and colorful and make great decorations for your kid’s notebooks. But if you want something more down to earth and away from fanciness, there are quite a few variations of stickers as well. You can buy marble designed sticker papers and cover your notebooks with them.

7. Using Origami

Origami, is the Japanese art of folding papers into decorative shapes and figures. Even though it does not need any kind of glue material, you will use glue or tape to stick the shapes that you made. You can create numerous origami designs by using different colored papers and types of paper. But it’s better if you wrap the finished product with a sheer wrapping paper in order to prevent any damages that may happen to your designs.

8. Using Kirigami

Kirigami, is some type of an Origami that includes cutting the paper. Just like origami, kirigami does not use glue either. Kids can cut out basic shapes just like it was the case with felt, but adults can create really complex designs. You will need a cutting mat and a kretuar knife. Draw the design that you want to create to the paper with a pencil and then using your knife, cut out the holes on top of your cutting mat. It will look better if you choose a different colored paper than your notebook.

9. Using Aluminum Foil or Stamp

Aluminum foil is the perfect option for those who love sparkle and minimalism together. You can write something or draw a simple design on the aluminum foil, cut and glue them on the corner of your notebook. You can even fake your notebook to belong to an expansive brand. For those who doesn’t like challenges, stamps are a lot easier to use. Just start from the corner of your notebook, gluing the stamps intensely here, and work your way through the middle using lesser stamps. Just like a falling star.

10. Using Collage

You can cut and glue the pictures that you like in the newspapers or in the magazines. This method can be tried with the kids safely while it improves their creativity.

11. Using Wrapping Paper

We finish our article with the most famous method. You can wrap your notebooks with beautiful wrapping papers. If you are looking for something more creative, use clear wrapping paper. Mix and match this method with other methods mentioned above like origami or felt to create a beautiful combination. Also, the wrapping paper works as a protection for your designs.

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