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How to Make Maracas

how to make maracas
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Maracas, one of the ideal musical instruments to hold the rhythm, is an enjoyable instrument type that also easy to make at home. If you want to move Latin American tunes to houses and schools, you can make a maracas from the materials you have. What you wonder about the making maracas and tricks are waiting for you in our article.

What is Maracas?

Before how to do Maracas, let’s get to know it. The maracas musical instrument is a kind of rattle seen in many Caribbean and Latin music genres. hake by holding the handle, the material in it makes a sound and is usually used in pairs. It is possible to come across a range of maracas in the traditional music and rituals of Africa and elsewhere.

Today, maracas varieties are usually made using wood, plastic or leather. But many different materials can be seen in local marakas. Beads or pebbles can be used in the inside. What is important is to get the rhythmic “chikichiki” to sound.

How to Make Maracas?

It is possible to make different maracas with the simple materials you can get from the nearest hardware store or find at home. We have a few suggestions for you. You can quickly produce a maracas with the most proper method. Let’s note that each of them is a chance of a great activity with children.

1- Making of Butterfly Maracas

Butterfly maracas making materials are; toilet paper carton (or paper towel carton to make two at the same time), a kind of dried legume (lentil, bean, rice, bulgur), tape; also colored package papers for maracas decoration, ribbon etc. Cut the wrapper paper a little longer than the cardboard and wrap it around it. Tape the joint. Twist one edge like a candy cone and fasten it with a ribbon. Pour legumes through open. Then connect that end in the same way. Your maracas with butterfly with wings is ready.

2- Making Maracas from Balloon

A small balloon and the legumes again are enough to make maracas from balloon. Since the balloon is transparent, decorative materials such as flakes or beads can also be tried. After placing the materials, inflate the balloon as an adult and tie a tight knot at the end. Shake the balloon with holding it in the palm.


3- Making Maracas from Cup

You need two cardboard cups for making maracas from the cup. After you put some amount of material that will produce the appropriate sound, close another same size cup. The key here is to combine the cups with the tape so they won’t reopen. Then you can decorate as you like.

4- Making Maracas from Pet Bottle

The easiest way to make maracas from the pet bottle is to fill legumes or beads with a mini-sized bottle and cover the outside with paper. If you want to deal with a little more, combine the top of a large bottle of water and cut the bottom, narrow a paper towel to the handle, fill the material and tape the roll into the mouth. You can paint your masterpiece to make decorative.

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