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How to Make Bookmark

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Bookmarks are both tools that we use to track our progress in books, notebooks and folders and also, by using lots of materials, they give us the opportunity create endless designs. So, instead of throwing your money away by purchasing a bookmark, you can make one your own easily. If you are interested, keep reading.

Things that you’ll need

You can make your bookmark from any thin material such as paper, cardboard, cloth, lace, foam, haircloth etc. We will be making a basic origami bookmark from paper, though. So basically, the only thing you will need is a piece of paper. The color or the design of the paper is up to you. We do not recommend thick paper, since it will be hard to fold. The sides of the paper should be roughly around 10 cm. You can try your way through with the size.


Since origami is the art of folding papers, you do not need anything other than paper. But if you want to decorate your bookmark, you’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Extra paper or washi tape

We will show you how to make a basic bookmark that you can attach to the corners of your books. After learning this, you can make other styles. If you are ready, here we go:

Step 1: Fold the diagonal lines


Leave the side that you want to be shown under. Try to adjust the lines perfectly. Clear-cut the folded lines with your scissors. Open the layers.

Step 2: Fold the lines inwards


Fold the opposing two sides inwards the way it will come up to the middle of the diagonal lines. This time, the layers will remain folded.

Step 3: Fold the layers in two


Fold the paper in two in the middle remaining the folded sides inwards.

Step 4: Fold the corners upwards


Using the middle again, fold the right and left corners upwards. The two corners will meet upwards. Do not let one come up than the other, line it up in the middle.

Step 5: Fold the corners inwards


This last step is important to prevent your bookmark from opening. You should see a pocket in the back. Put the corners inside of this pocket. Pushing down the bottom lines, sharpen your lines.

You can make countless bookmark designs!


We showed you how you can make a basic bookmark. But if you wish, you can make countless bookmarks with this guide. If you used designed paper, then you don’t even need to decorate it. But if you used a simple piece of paper you can add simple things to make it more fun.

  • If you are making the bookmark for a kid, you can add eyes, cutting them from a piece of paper and sticking them on top of the triangle. Using the pocket, you can add a tongue and teeth.
  • Using acrylic paint, you can have your own unique bookmark that no one else has.

Enjoy your reading!

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