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How to Do a Volumized Ponytail

ponytail hairstyle
Yasemin Yagar
Written by Yasemin Yagar

Ponytail hairstyle is the most used hairstyle among women.  When you do not have time, you can make it. If you are going on picnic, market, school or work, you can always make ponytail. It has simple beauty and fits everywhere. But, especially on thin hair, it looks weak. That’s why, we would like to give you an idea to make your ponytail volumized. Let’s learn how to!

1-Firstly, prepare your hair. Brush it to remove any knots. Then make a ponytail.

voluminous ponytail hairstyle

2- Separate your hair two parts. And, put a hair clip between on them.

voluminous ponytail hairstyle

3- Leave separated hair over it.And, that’s it! You have volumized ponytail.

voluminous ponytail hairstyle

Is not it really quick? With little clue, having better look is easy! For more clues, have a look our other posts!

Source: cosmopolitan

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