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How to Combine Floral Dresses

Zeynep Gul Alkan
Written by Zeynep Gul Alkan

While spring continues, we could not get enough to talk about trends and combinations for spring. Floral dresses will also be in fashion this year. Everything about floral dresses is in this article.

How to wear floral patterns?

Whether it’s floral dresses or a shorter piece, such as a blouse, combining floral patterns requires some attention. We can include floral designs in the category of  “multicolored clothes”. You should take a look at our tips before looking at the new season floral clothes.

Let’s start with the floral blouse. We feel more free about blouse suggestions in women clothing because floral dresses are easily combined with skirts, trousers and shorts. You can combine a floral blouse and shoes that is not too colorful to wear in your daily life, office or invitations. Flowery patterns will make feel relieved you and those who see you, as well as giving the spirit of spring.

floral dresses

You can also choose floral patterns on the skirt. If your short or long skirt has mixed floral patterns, you should definitely choose your blouse plain and even one color. It is best to choose a blouse according to a color tone from your skirt. High-waisted skirts, whether long or short, require you to put your blouse inside your waist. It is also possible to combine with crop tops. If you do not want your hips to look wide, it is a good idea to be careful about the floral pattern on the skirt.

How to combine floral dresses?

When choosing a new season floral dresses, first consider where and when to wear it. When you’re wandering in a seaside town, a thin rope-strapped dress in light colors might be ideal, but a dress with fewer flowers on a darker background might go better in your office. It is necessary to consider floral dresses according to their height.

Short floral dresses are a model that suits especially short women. You can easily combine these dresses with a daily linen shoe or platform heels or thin heels. It will most likely be a mistake to choose shoes with flowers to suit the dress. Maybe the same patterned dress and shoes of the same brand are acceptable.

We will also offer you combinations for long floral dresses. When buying from these dresses, first of all, make sure that you do not look like shorter and fatter. You can choose according to the size and number of flower patterns. Also, having flower patterns in the right places will affect the result. You can combine these dresses with sandals or thin heels.

With short or long floral dresses, you can use these pretty trendy collars nowadays. But we recommend combining them with rope, sleeveless or V-neck models. If you do not like to wear a collar, you can wrap a thin stylish scarf around your neck. For scarfs, you should prefer a single color, not a pattern. Of course, the choice of bag for floral dresses is also very important. A tiny handbag would be enough for an invitation, but you should choose an arm bag for the office or an elegant backpack when going to school.

Earrings is a must as jewellery. A long earring in the colors of your dress as well as a single silver or gold earrings will be a suitable accessory choice. If your dress is sleeveless or short-sleeved, you can also wear a bracelet or a ring. The most controversial accessory in the floral dress is the necklace. A small chain necklace with a thin chain can go to a stringed dress. But as we will see from the celebrities soon, it is acceptable not to wear any necklaces.

How celebrities wear floral dresses?

Floral dresses are frequently preferred in women’s clothing, and celebrities do not fall behind from this, of course. Liv Tyler, with a beautiful face and cypress height, preferred the long floral dress. The flowers in the black background do not distract much, and the black shoes are also in harmony with the dress. We cannot see any jewelry other than rings.

floral dresses

floral dresses

Léa Seydoux preferred a rather summery and modest dress. She chose to wear shoes that fit red in the dress. We can not see any accessories. Claire Danes also dressed in a black-funded dress and black heels like Liv Tyler. But this time, the neck of the dress is closed and we can see the turquoise earrings as jewelry.

floral dresses

floral dresses

Let’s end the article with our light colored short floral dress example. Miranda Kerr created a minimalist elegance with her pale blue heels and a navy blue handbag and a thin bracelet.

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