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How To Choose the Best Foundation for Skin Types

Written by Basak Erdin

Maybe the most important step that forms the basis of makeup is our foundation. Foundation creates the backdrop of makeup and camouflages errors. When buying foundation, it is crucial to know your skin type and the concealment you want and make a foundation selection for it; since if the product is not suitable for you, you will be disappointed. You both lack money and you can’t have the skin we want. You should really get to know your skin before begin selecting a foundation. You may think you know your skin type. However, our skin changes over time. Your hormones and changes of air can affect your skin type. But there is also an easy way to learn the skin type.

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Firstly, you remove your makeup. Then let your skin dry and soothe for an hour. Do not use cream or serum. Tear off a piece of toilet paper and divide the paper into two layers and gently press on your T area several times and then, check the condition of your skin by rolling your fingertips across your skin.

If the paper is fat-free and has no flaking hands and has a smooth feel, you have normal skin type. If your paper is greased and has an oily feeling on your fingers, you have oily skin type. If your paper is fat-free but you have scaly skin, you have dry skin type. If two or three of these fit you, you have mixed skin type.

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7 Methods of Using Foundation

  1. If your skin is oily, you should avoid oily foundation and usually choose water-based and sun protection foundation. Self-powdered and matte foundation will adapt to your skin.
  2. If you have dry skin, you should choose moisturizing and sun protection foundation. It is also beneficial to apply a moisturizer before applying the foundation.
  3. If you have mixed skin, you should use a non-greasy liquid foundation. You should try to moisten the moisture-free areas and try to maintain the oil balance in between.
  4. The biggest mistake in color selection is to try the foundation on our wrist. To find the right foundation, you should test it on your neck and jawbone, not on your wrist. Your neck and face color should match.
  5. If you want your foundation to remain smooth on your skin, you should apply it with brushes or sponges specially developed for foundation applications.
  6. You should lighten or darken your skin tone by up to 1 tone with foundation. Further lightening or darkening is caused by a funny look on your skin.
  7. If you want your foundation to stand better, you should peel 1-2 times a week. Peeling provides a more beautiful appearance as it cleanses the skin from dead cells.

Foundation is the most important point of our makeup. It is the material that we apply to the most areas, the most in contact with our skin and the most remaining material on our skin. Therefore, it can be dangerous to try unknown brands. Review the product specifications in detail. Determine the harmony with your skin and buy it accordingly.

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