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How to Apply Nail Polish

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Professional manicure made hands and nails are of course attracted attention; however, regular visits to the beauty salon or hairdresser frequently cannot be considered as budget friendly. So what to do? Of course you should do manicure and pedicure at home! Although most of us know the most basic nail polish techniques, we still do not stop looking for the answer to the question of how beautiful nail polish is applied to have the perfect looking nails. If you are wondering how to apply nail polish and different nail polish techniques, this guide is for you.

Nail Polish Methods

Nail polish is easy at first glance and may sound like something you already know; however, sometimes you may not have enough day to last the perfect consistency of the nail polish, or you may get bored while driving nail polish with your non-dominant hand. With plenty of practical and helpful nail polish tips, you can also apply nail polish and remove manicurist stone from your hair salon. Now, point, how to apply nail polish by using different nail polish types.

How to Apply Red Nail Polish

Women ‘s most preferred nail polish colors of course is the red nail polish. With its appeal and appeal, red is a beautiful, challenging nail polish technique, which is the color that should be in every woman’s nail polish collection. The most important thing you need to know when applying red nail polish is that you have to apply a nail polish that is transparent or tanned before applying red nail polish. Otherwise, when you try to erase your nail, it inflates red nail polish all over your fingers, makes it difficult to get out and you get an image like if you have a bloody body.

how to apply red nail polish

The only thing you need when you’re on red nail polish is the three brush strokes. Since the red is already a dense and saturated color, it is possible to coat the entire nail with three brush strokes unless the nail polish is too watery. In this way, the brushes will not overlap and will not create a rough, coarse appearance. When driving the nail, throw the first blow in the middle of the nail, the second blow to the right and the third to the left. At first you may not get the exact result you want, but you can specialize in a short time as long as you have adopted this technique in other nail polish methods.

How to Drive French Nail Polish

The only reason why we go to beauty salons and manicurists is: French manicure. French nail polish is one of the most difficult nail polish riding techniques. If you throw a thin white line on a single nail with a trapezoid or a misalignment, you may cause your manicure to malfunction. How is it driven without French nail polish? In fact, you can find anywhere with French nail polish sets very easily.

how to frive french nail polish

Before you clean your nails, cut them and take the redundancies, first take a transparent coat. After this coat has dried, go to the nail tips. Throwing white streaks at the fingernails can be a bit challenging, especially for the first time; but as with everything else, you will be able to complete your French manicure without having to shake your hand and break the lines in time with enough practice. With a white nail polish, move from right to left or from left to right, depending on which you are taking, not from top to bottom, when you line up the nail tip.

This prevents the traces of brushes from remaining on the bottom of the line. When you first drive the line, you will notice that there is an obvious misalignment between the top and bottom. Don’t worry about it; this will be solved in the next step. Make sure all the white tips are dry, and then use a nail polish with a baby pink nail top layer. This soft pink nail polish will break the raw stance of the white polish as well as the blending of the top and bottom of your nails. After this floor has dried, you can finally make a transparent coat for your nail to last a long time and start enjoying your home-made French manicure.

How to Apply Matte Nail Polish

Another kind of nail polish that is a little bit too hard to apply is a matte nail polish. The most challenging part of the matte nail is that it takes the form of mat after a few minutes. If you do not wait long enough between the layers and try to throw the upper layer without the nail polish, the risk of creating obvious imbalances between the nails will increase. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to apply matte nail is the use of a timer. With a timer that you can set from your phone, you can easily determine how much time you spend on each quotation and how many minutes there is a drying time between the floors.

how to apply matte nail polish

The brush strokes should not overlap with each other to ensure that your matte nail looks smooth and smooth. In addition, it is important that the transparent layer you apply after driving the matte nail is matte; otherwise, all the appeal of matte nail can escape. It is useful to apply matte nail polish to relatively short nails in order to last longer. Short quotes…

How to Apply Nail Polish to Short Nails

The biggest handicap of nail polish on short nails is that a single brush stroke that you throw is not only nail, but also overflows into your flesh and creates a ragged nail image. How to apply nail polish to short nails to make them look good and professional? Here are a few tips.

how to apply nail polish to short-nails

First of all, if you always want your nails to look well-groomed and aesthetically pleasing, you should always make them manicure. Of course we are not talking about 7/24 nail polish; however, the cut nails are cut, neatly trimmed and pruned, and the nails will make your nails look nice, even if the nail polish is not applied. The color of the nail you choose to drive to your short nails is also very important; Especially dark red and burgundy colors make your hands more attractive while black gives you an adolescent look when you don’t want to. Therefore, it is also important that you are choosing the right color when searching for nail polish.

Nail Polish Sliding Tips

  • Always take a base coat. The color you choose for the base coat may be transparent, nail color or clear nude tones.
  • Always take a transparent topcoat in the same way. It will make your nail look brighter and extend its permanence.
  • Allow the coat to dry after the base has been removed. Unfolded nail polish layers, even on the nail to the scatter, may even lead to sticking to the fingernail.
  • Keep away from quick-drying nail polish; they absorb the water in your nails and dry them.
  • Instead, place your nails under cold water after riding to ensure your nail dry faster.
  • Regularly take care of the cuticle (skin and meat surrounding the nails). For this, you can benefit from nail polishes or nail oils.
  • Always choose quality brands when choosing nail polish. Cheap nail polish brands will fail to give you the result you want, and will start to come out of your nails within a few hours; so it is best to invest in a recommended brand when buying nail polish.
  • Choose to throw thin coats rather than the floor while driving the nail polish.
  • Store your nails in a dark, dry place.
  • Do not shake your pillar; instead, turn right and left.
  • How to apply a nail polish gold rule: Hot water is the biggest enemy of the newly applied nail polish. Even if you are sure that your nail polish is dry, do not undergo washing, washing or showering after manicure.
  • You can easily remove the nail polish from your nails by applying a little acetone to the ear rod. Don’t forget to wait until the polish has dried completely.

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