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DIY: Twisted Halo Hairstyle

twisted hairstyle
Bilge Sanci
Written by Bilge Sanci

Sometimes,we just want to look like a real life princess. A romantic dinner, spring inspired floral dress on you! Make-up is so fresh and make you look epic! Well,the only thing what is missing? YES! This super romantic,chic,twisted hairstyle. Let’s talk about how to get to this fairytale look.

1-Firstly, get two tufts in front of your hair.Buckle one side of the hair you have turned into a shirk towards the back.

twisted halo hairstyle

2-Do the same to your hair on the other side. Wrap two tufts of hair each other and head down the tips of the hair.

twisted halo hairstyle

3-Make soft waves to your hair tips. It looks so elegant and chic because of your waves.

twisted halo hairstyle

That’s it girls! Hope you like this super easy and dreamy hairstyle. You’ll look like a princess,for sure. Goodbye for now! See you in next.

Source: cosmopolitan

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