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Combination of White Shirt

combination of white shirt
Zeynep Gul Alkan
Written by Zeynep Gul Alkan

White shirts are the savoir of all styles. Just a few clothes that we trust exist in our wardrobes as the white shirts. The indispensable of all wardrobes and styles, white shirt, could harmonize everywhere. If you are classical or casual style, a white shirt would always be with you when you need to guarantee the day’s style. In this article, we will suggest you 11 combination of white shirt.

1- a White Shirt and Black Pants

This combination is the most choosen one with a white shirt. a white shirt and black pants combination creates an impressive look. It also creates a professional look, you would feel like you are walking on a corridor of a holding company.

combination of white shirt

So if a white shirt is an indivisible part of a woman wardrobe, black slacks should be also? You could wear a white shirt and black pants combination for smart-casual look in a business meeting or in an indecisive work day as a joker combination. In any case, wou would look perfect and stylish.

2- a White Shirt and a Midi Skirt

White shirts harmonize with all clothes but you should combine them with midi skirts for a cool urban look. As you know, midi skirts are again popüler after the 50s, today. The best combination of a midi skirt is, of course a timeless white shirt.

combination of white shirt

It can be a classical or futuristic-retro as you see at the photograph on top. Just place the white shirt into the skirt or tie from the front! The best vintage look that one of combinations of white shirt could be created with a stiletto and a cross shoulder bag perfect.

3- a White Shirt and a Sleeveless Dress

combination of white shirt

Not like the high-school one. Colorful sleeveless dresses, especially v-necked ones are would have a wonderful combination with white shirts.

You could have a cool look, with buttoning the white shirt up as you see at the photograph on top.

4- a White Shirt and a Jean Skirt

combination of white shirt

White shirts and jeans are really compossible together. The white shirts that you could combine with all style of jean skirt, have a casual look when together with a comfortable jean skirt. If we are talking about a white shirt and jean, comfort is not just for the look… Also for the choosing a combination part.

A key part fort he combination of a white shirt and a jean skirt: If your skirt is short, you would button up for the decollete-balance.

5- a White Shirt and a Belt

combination of white shirt

Your style would be light and careless, especially at summers, with a knee-level white shirt. Boyfiend style long and wide white shirts are like the description of effortless fashionness. You would have a light style combining a belt that compatible with your shoes, with a long and wide white shirt.

Of course the most important part of this combination is the length of your shirt. You should buy a white shirt dress, not an ordinary white shirt. And the white shirt for your combination should be thick and light-prrof.

6- a White Shirt and Skinny Jeans

combination of white shirt

A question for fashionista women: Which shirt could look bad with skinny jeans? As the white shirt, skinny jeans must be (several if possible) at every women’s wardrobe. The white shirt and skinny jeans combination looks elite, classical and enormous.

You could create a rebellious urban look with a white shirt and skinny jeans combination. You would sparkle with true shoes and accessories chosen for a white shirt and skinny jeans combination, especially with a wide white shirt. If you complete the look with an oversize bag and wide sunglasses, it would be the white shirt miracle!

7- a White Shirt in a Sweater

combination of white shirt

The best innocent, classical and unknown white shirt combination is the white shirt in a sweater one. As you know, at winter, the thin white shirts are in use like this one, also to be protected from the cold weather. In our opinion, it’s stereotype but endless style.

Your accessories would come to the forefront in this style that could be combine with all pants and mini skirts. This a white shirt in a sweater style brings neck accessories to our styles wşth the contributions of fashion designers. You could wear white skirts that has details as gams or flakes on its neck, or put short neckless for this combination.

8- a White Shirt and Flared Trousers

Just an inspiration from this photograph is enough for more alternative and more Parisian look. White shirts are perfect in combination with flared trousers.

combination of white shirt

Of course, this combination has some key parts; not to look like wearing two pieces of sacks. Above all, your pants should be high-waisted and you should unbotton one or two buttons of your white shirt for for an airy look. You should avoid bulky shoes and wide bag because of being wide enough. You will be Parisian!

9- a White Shirt and a Leather Jacket

combination of white shirt

If is the point is urban style, you would expect a rebellious and stern look. This one is our favourite white shirt combination. And this one is our favourite one. Is it possible not to look sexy with this staring contrast of black and white?

10- a White Shirt and a Jumpsuit

combination of white shirt

Your white shirts could be combined with jumpsuits that you can not find anything to put in. Especially with jean ones. If you do not want your white shirt to slip and wrinkle, we advice you to wear undershirt with snap fasteners.
A white shirt could be sportive with true matches as well as bring formality to mind. For example, the girl at the photograph above has one of the weekend styles. You will turn hands with this white shirt style at an brunch organization.

11- a White Shirt and a Skinny Scarflar

combination of white shirt

The trendy skinny scarfs have assertive look with white shirts. If you find a white shirt modest, your combination will be dynamic with this type of skinny scarfs.

Our topic is white skirt combinations but we should add: This type of thin scarfs look excellent eith combination of black and white stripe shirts.

If you have an idiosyncratic white shirt combination, please share us on comment part!

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