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3 Ways to Wear a Belt (for Women)

3 ways to wear a belt for women
Neslihan Hazerli
Written by Neslihan Hazerli

Belt is an accessory which we wear very frequently. In general, there are 3 ways to put on a belt. Most accustomed way is to put it on your midsection. For women whose waists are not sharp-cut, the best way is to wear it below or above the waist. And the third way is to put it on your pants.

Each of these three wearing styles has a unique look and each point out different parts of the body. If you want to wear a belt in best appearance, it is useful to take care of some recommendations.

Which Belt Should You Choose?

3 ways to wear a belt for women

This is really one of the most important decisions when wearing a belt.

Tip 1- When wearing dresses, you should put on belts with 1-2 cm width.

Tip 2- When it comes to jackets, sweaters, coats and so on, belts with 2-5 cm width will match better.

Tip 3- For pants, skirts and jeans, you can wear 3-4 cm width belts.

Tip 4- Belts above 5 cm width will be a perfect match for your dresses. You can also wear them when you want to point out your waistline with a pants-top duo or skirt-top combine.

Tip 5- Another option for dresses and coats is thin-metal belts which also look like a jewel.

Wearing Right Belt for Your Waist

3 ways to wear a belt for women

Another important point is choosing the best fitting belt to your body.

Thick belts are ideal for women with long body due to it will shorten the upper part of the body and create a proportional appearance.

On the other hand, thin belts are better for petite women. Because, thin belts don’t cover their midsection and this will create a more balanced look.

Dressing Up a Belt

3 ways to wear a belt for women

Tip 1- Your belt is as your jewelry. And if you usually don’t wear showy, big and antique jewelry, you should stay away from those models when choosing a belt. Make sure that your belt is in harmony with your jewelry.

Tip 2- When you choose a belt in the same shades and texture with your shoes, you will look more classic and stylish.

Tip 3- The length of your belt is also very important. If it is longer than ideal length, it will create an unpleasant look.

Tip 4- Make sure that the belt which you put on is reflecting your style. If your belt is not in harmony with your clothing, you will not look stylish.

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