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10+ Stunning Tattoo Ideas for Women

stunning tattoo ideas
Written by Elif Nur Gundogar

The tattoo was always. It was considered a jewelry, hair style and beauty. It changed its shape. The artist changed. It developed like men and women and became a bold art. It was engraved on people’s body in different colors. It has become universal. Each eye found different meanings. Those with tattoos found different reasons for themselves and attributed special meaning to their tattoos. And those meanings made tattooing more valuable.

Flying Birds

Herd of birds. The most agile and diverse bird species. Beautiful ornaments of the sky. The agile creatures of the summits have been the subject of a beautiful tattoo. A swallow or bird tattoo on a girl’s aesthetic body … This aesthetic tattoo on your shoulder, arms, neck will look great. A few wings in the detail of your dress. Small flock of birds. This tattoo, which represents being together, will be the memory of your loved ones.

felight dövme fikirleri kuşlar


In a lightless sky we can see the lamps of the universe. The constellations representing the signs of the zodiac signs are a great tattoo idea for women who are most interested in zodiac signs. We love stars that blink at us. A constellation to be scraped anywhere on our body, why not? Especially if you have a constellation tattoo representing yourself.

takımyıldızı dövme fikirleri


Diamond is the symbol of wealth, brightness, glamor and durability. A tattoo made of the most valuable jewelery material. Women like diamonds. Because they like to be shiny. Singer Rihanna’s diamond tattoo is popular after Diamonds sing. An aesthetic piece that will take place in your hand and wrist. This stunning diamond tattoo will keep you eye-catching even if you don’t wear jewelry.

elmas dövme fikirleri


Another wonderful tattoo, hidden behind the hidden but delicate ear, is the feather. Featuring the same connotations, feather tattoos, although in different forms, are the most appropriate symbols for women. If you want to be the memory of our dreams of flying, you may prefer elegant feather tattoo.

tüy dövme fikirleri

Fingers Crossed

Hand sign made with fingers crossed in European countries, meaning “Good Luck”. Not many people know the meaning of this sign. There’s something of interest in the hand sign tattoos. Positive content. Good luck.

parmak dövme fikirleri geçti


Our right hand is on our hearts. The rhythm you feel is a sign of being alive. Heartbeat tattoo. We know that women have more intense feelings than men. A heartbeat for a woman has deep meanings to feel this rhythm. With this tattoo you can move your heart felt throughout your life.

kalp atışı dövme fikirleri

Palm tree

The most beautiful tree image, Palm. The palm tree, the indispensable habitat of tropical regions, is at your fingertips. This long and inaccessible tree will be a very aesthetic tattoo. Hiding between your fingers increases the likelihood that the tattoo will draw attention. When using your hands, you will have a more noticeable tattoo than the ring.

palmiye ağacı dövme fikirleri


We don’t just reflect ourselves with tattoos. Clothes, fashion, hair, smile, writing style and most importantly signature. If you are not world famous, nobody will have your signature tattoo. Each of them has different signatures, which women draw with soft curves. Instead of throwing it under your name, carry it in your body. Because it’s just your sign.

imza dövme fikirleri

Stick and poke cat

Cats and women are unique parts of an integral whole. We love cats and cat tattoos. This curious and sympathetic cat is honored in this tattoo. Where do you think this cat is looking?

sopa ve kurcalamak kedi dövme fikirleri

Sun and moon

The only time the sun and the moon meet. Solar eclipse. It has a different meaning than sun tattoos. Even the brightest. A rare, stunning nature event. Just like you. A tattoo that reflects your rare personality.

güneş ve ay dövme fikirleri

They all have different stories. But isn’t that your story? How effective is a tattoo? We tattoo all emotions. We’ve presented intense but tiny tattoo ideas that will become accessories for your body. No jewelry, no clothes, no makeup. You and your sign. Make these tattoos shine on your body.

See you in other tattoos.

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